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Friday Night Funkin’ is one of the most popular games among kids, also named FNF. It is a fun and the coolest rhythm game for fans of music and test one’s fingers skill. The game was developed by NinjaMuffin99, PhantomArcade3K and Evilsk8r designed by the Art format and Kawaii Sprite took care of the music.

Friday Night Funkin’(FNF) is about a player who tries to kiss the girlfriend but her evil father is against it and does not want him near the daughter. The father intends to end the player's life in a bid to protect his daughter. The player is then given a small chance to fulfill his dream and win her father over to his side. The only way to get her heart and save his life is through music because her father is a former rock star. The player has to try to play all the musical notes at the right time in order to earn enough points and win the game. In the FNF game is a variety of fresh and original tracks to play, ranging from easy to difficult musical notes. Have fun as you become a great rockstar on Friday Night Funkin’.

Friday Night Funkin’ Weeks:

Week 1:
Bopeebo, Fresh, Dad Battle.
Week 2:
Spookeez, South, Monster.

Week 3:
Pico, Philly, Blammed.

Week 4:
Satin-Panties, High, MILF.

Week 5:
Cocoa, Eggnog, Winter-Horrorland.

Week 6:
Senpai, Roses, Thorns.

Week 7 :
Ugh, Guns, Stress.

Friday Night Funkin’ Gameplay & Control


Friday Night Funkin’ is based on two characters Boyfriend and Girlfriend. You are Boyfriend and your task is defeat any character in singing and rapping content to able to date your love Girlfriend.
There are four main modes: Bopeebo, DadBattle, Fresh, and Tutorial. You can 3 levels from easy, medium to difficult in each mode.
Friday Night Funkin is not only on web browsers, but also is available for Windows, MAC, and Linux Operating systems. You can download PC version of Friday Night Funkin’ here.


- WASD or arrow keys to play.
- + and – to increase/decrease the volume.
- 0 to mute.
- Enter to select.
- ESC to go back.

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