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FNF: The Funk Among Us is a double-week Friday Night Funkin’ mod where Boyfriend plays Among Us. Face off some funny among us guys in this FNF mod! Mod Includes: 2 weeks! (week 2 incomplete atm) 7 songs!

Made by DanielTheCoder (Creator, Director, Sprite Artist, Main Charter, Main Programmer, Dialogue, Composer of Skeptical Behaviour, Title Music and Gameover music), Monero (Composed Old Tasks), AmongUsFan (Main Composer), NonsensicalCovers! (Composed Voted), Nick_Z (BG Artist), Egglo (Some Programming), Top 10 Awesome (Mongus), CancerPinguin2.0 (Charted Vouch), Gamerboi!! (Programmed the Custom UI), Project Tea (Charter, Red Flash Event), Muffin (Orange VA) and 3D Funhouse (The Vouch Song). Enjoy playing this Fnf game.

How to play: Enter to start. Arrow keys to hit notes.
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