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FNF: Neo Indie Cross is a work-in-progress Friday Night Funkin’ mod where the cross-dimensional world of FNF: Indie Cross blends with the harmonious vibe of FNF Neo. This demo contains one song, a remix of Snake Eyes, with more to come in the future.

Made by pokey (Creator), Sonic&2 (Director), Oleq (Coder), Vanilla VHS (Neo BF VA), TurboSpeedL0L (Neo Cuphead VA), ValentinoBlox (Cutscene Animator), Lounder (Animator), Persona 4 Fan (Artist), skopdev (Animator), AmongUs2319 (BG Artist), Funkin Verse Team (Animator), Daggerman090 (Artist), OfficialCB (Composer), ElectroliteZ (Composer), Space786 (Charter), …

How to play: Enter to start. Arrow keys to hit notes.
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